Suprisingly, I come prepared.

I can’t believe how, once again, Christmas is fast approaching and, for once, I feel as though I’m prepared. I’ve sent all the cards I’m sending out, I opened my first present yesterday (bit early, I know, but what the hell…?), I’ve nearly finished wrapping up presents and I’ve got CDs to finish burning for my little brother, which I’ve almost finished. There are a couple that I have to rip to the computer first and then burn, but that doesn’t bother me in the least.

I’m bunking at my mum’s over Christmas (from Christmas Eve to the 27th, strangely enough), which means I’ll be tuning into the usual Christmas TV rubbish. One thing that definitely won’t be rubbish, though, will be the Doctor Who Christmas Special, as I quite like David Tennant (shut up). In fact, a mate of mine put me in the mood this morning when I got a Christmas card with the lovely face of David Tennant gracing the front of it, so that’s taken pride of place under my tree. I couldn’t be bothered with Christmas lights round the window this year, though, as my laziness got the better of me, so I just left it with my tree in my room and nothing else. Talking of my room, it needs tidying, as it’s a total tip at the moment and it looks like someone’s dropped a nuke bomb on it, so I need to get it tidied by the end of the week, which doesn’t leave me long.

Of course, the usual hassle will be my mum cooking the Christmas dinner (yes, I’m leaving it to my mum. If I was in charge ofΒ cooking the chicken for Christmas, it’d probably be burnt by the time we came to eat it. I can’t cook. Honest.) and watching the bombshells drop in Soapland before realising that Christmas TV is, in fact, a load of rubbish and I will therefore be watching DVDs to pass the time.

Well, after Doctor Who, anyway…


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