Thirteen weeks of slave labour over.

Okay, not quite. Thirteen long weeks of my New Deal course are now finally over, but it didn’t come without problems with various idiots on the course making my life more hell than was worth it. I had a couple of sexist and downright arrogant lads basically mocking me on my induction in the first week (they were mocking me because I was the only girl in the room who wore glasses) and, a few weeks ago after going back to sort out another placement after being sent back there from where I was originally, I started getting idiots chucking paper balls at me and giving me abuse. It got to the point where my tutor got rather peed off with it (I’d swear, but this is a public blog, so I won’t) and told them to stop it (which, if you’re wondering, didn’t work because they were STILL at it today on my last day) or face being kicked off the course.


Anyway, I’m carrying on with where I’ve been doing my placement as a volunteer. I’ve been doing a placement in Scope, which is a charity shop in town, and I’ve met new friends there so I decided to carry on with it. I just need to clarify it with my New Deal advisor at the Job Centre on Monday to make sure I can still do it. I should be able to because I don’t get paid for it, but we’ll see.

PS: RIP Sir Bobby Robson. I’m sure the entire football world will miss a true footballing legend.


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