Vi er danske mestre… igen!

“Lå-lå-lå-lå-lå, lå-lå, lå-lå, FC København, FC København, FC København…”

The observing amongst you will realise that I’m actually a bit late with this but, on Wednesday night, FC København (or FC Copenhagen in English) won the Danish Championship for the second season in a row.

Oh, and before anyone accuses me of swapping teams again, I only follow FC København. I don’t actually support them. It’s like me supporting England in the World Cup with Denmark as a second team. My normal second team are the Republic of Ireland (I’m part Irish) but after the now infamous ‘Hand of Frog’ in the World Cup play-offs, I decided to support Denmark as a second team in the World Cup as a back-up in case England let me down. My main team are still England because I’m English.

PS: Congratulations to my hometown team, Leeds United, on securing promotion to the Championship next season.


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