Personal highlights of 2010.

So, as you know, yesterday I did a sports highlights of 2010 thing but here are my own personal highlights:

  • My birthday. Even though it was a complete disaster. I was on one of my courses and one of the lads on it upset me so much. He was a total prat anyway and he thought he’d try and add me on Facebook. He soon found himself blocked, of course…
  • Placements. I did two (lasted a day and half on the first one and managed to complete the second one, even though I ended up looking a bit like Lara Croft on my first day (you don’t want to know).)
  • Party In The Park. Went on my own, looked a prize prat, but still enjoyed it.
  • Alphabeat at the Cockpit. HIGHLIGHT OF MY YEAR! Took my massive Danish flag with me and got noticed by Rasmus (one of the band members). I had a chat with him after the gig and, once again, tried and failed to impress him with my ‘wonderful’ Danish language skills. I’m still learning, though I am a bit better at speaking it than I was!
  • Meeting celebrities. Leeds United players, rugby league stars, Emmerdale cast members, ex-soap stars and ex-children’s TV hosts to name a few. Danny Miller, Lucas Radebe and Stephen Mulhern were personal favourites.
  • Laughing at Australian street performers. Yes, really
  • The birth of my nephew and watching him trying to open Christmas presents. I had to help him in the end.
  • Leeds Allstars vs. Liverpool Allstars at Elland Road. The day I met Danny Miller. Running after him and Adam Thomas was another highlight.
  • Giant centipedes in Bolton and giant kangaroos in Leeds. Again, don’t ask.
  • <
  • Ending up in the Bolton Evening News (well on their website anyway) after the Bolton Christmas Lights Switch-On. Not bad for someone who’s actually from over the Pennines…
  • Leeds Lights. Went with my sister, stood on the wall by the art gallery and screamed at Shayne Ward and McFly. FUN TIMES.
  • World Cup mania. Supported England and Denmark from the start, they screwed it all up so I supported Holland in the final. Sadly, however, they lost to Spain. Wasn’t too bothered, though, since I like some of the Spanish players and had previously supported Spain in the Euro 2008 final when they played Germany.
  • Messing about in the Land of the Welshies. Llandudno to be precise. Even got a Welsh flag for my flag collection. Get me.
  • Dressing as an elf again over Christmas. Um…
  • Eurovision mania. We came last (as usual) and my favourites (no prizes for guessing which country that was) came fourth. YAY.
  • Leeds Pride. Trying to find my mate in the crowd was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I never did find him in the end.
  • Trips to Scarborough with my dad and spending time at some campsite near Bridlington with my flatmate over the summer. That was quite fun.
  • Getting knocked down by a big green and white bus, spending four hours in A&E and only coming out with a plaster on my finger, even though the dippy doctor put it on wrong. Moral of the story? NEVER get a doctor to do a nurse’s job! Then again, DON’T get knocked down by a bus in the first place!

That last one was more of a lowlight but, thankfully, it looked worse than it was. The bus was only going slow at the time and it actually happened (joy of joys) on a pedestrian crossing after silly cow here thought it was safe to cross the road which, as it turns out, wasn’t. There were moments of comedy at the hospital that day as well when the copper who’d spoken to both the bus driver and the paramedic treating me had to come and find me (the paramedics had been told not to move but they took no notice – they never really do) in the waiting area and explained that I wasn’t in any trouble and that I’d been rather silly walking in front of an eight-ton double decker bus – one woman couldn’t stop laughing at my expense (cheeky cow)!

Oh, and after all the fuss with that volcano, Alphabeat’s gig almost never happened either but, somehow, they managed to make it over here in time for it!

And that’s about it! Happy New Year!


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