Eurovision review (part one).

So, here it is, my Eurovision song review in full. I’m going alphabetically by country for this so I hope you like it.

Albania (Aurela Gaçe – Feel The Passion): I’m not keen on this one. I didn’t like the Albanian version and I hate the English version even more. Last year’s It’s All About You had more passion to be honest. Sorry Albania!
Armenia (Emmy – Boom Boom): This one’s grown on me for some weird reason but I still don’t think it’ll do well in the final (should it get through the semis).
Austria (Nadine Beiler – The Secret Is Love): WELCOME BACK AUSTRIA! It’s a nice, strong song but there’s far too much competition at the top for it to be a winner. Potential qualifier though.
Azerbaijan (Ell and Nikki – Running Scared): Another one I adore. If they manage to pull off singing live in the semis, then they may have a strong chance in the final. If they can’t, forget it.
Belarus (Anastasia Vinnikova – I Love Belarus): I thought politics/political views weren’t allowed? She’s already had to change the title of the song twice for it being too political but she still mentions her country of origin in this song anyway! See you in the semis, Belarus!
Belgium (Witloof Bay – With Love Baby): Hey, Belgium, Europe called – we want our instruments back! NEXT!
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Dino Merlin – Love In Rewind): Anyone have a clue what this song’s about? Nope, me neither!
Bulgaria (Poli Genova – Na Inat): I can’t speak a word of Bulgarian (randomly bursts into the theme tune from The Wombles) but I still like this song. It’s not a winner though.
Croatia (Dana Kinzer – Celebrate): The original title of this song was Break A Leg (surely that should be the Irish entry?!) and I’m not entirely sure why they changed it. Nice song though.
Cyprus (Christos Mylordou – San Aggelos S’agapisa): I preferred last year’s Life Looks Better In Spring to be honest and I don’t think we’ll be seeing Cyprus in the final this year.
Denmark (A Friend In London – New Tomorrow): LOVE IT! I wasn’t sure about this one at first, however, but it grew on me and it’s one of my top three this year! There’s been speculation of plagiarism from the Danes but, then again, didn’t they nick last year’s song from the Swedes?! Still, we could see Eurovision being held in Copenhagen next year if all goes well for them!
Estonia (Getter Jaani – Rockefeller Street): Another one I love but, again, there’s far too much competition at the top for it to be a winner. It’ll probably qualify though.
Finland (Paradise Oskar – Da Da Dam): Anyone remember Tom Dice and his guitar singing for Belgium last year? Well, this guy is him mark two! Finland are known for their uptempo/rock songs at Eurovision and this one’s a bit of a slowy but it’ll still probably qualify. Can’t see it being held in Helsinki again any time soon though…
France (Amaury Vassili – Sognu): Eurovision’s first EVER Corsican language entry is BRILLIANT and it’s one of the favourites to win but, like Slovenia and Sweden’s ‘popera’ songs before it, it may flop at the first hurdle or maybe it’ll do well and we’ll see next year’s Eurovision Song Contest being held in Paris? Who knows?
FYR Macedonia (Vlatko Ilievski – Rusinka): Hate the song. Definitely not a winner. That is all.
Georgia (Eldrine – One More Day): This one is far too shouty for my liking (see also FYR Macedonia’s entry) so it’s definitely not a winner. I don’t think we’ll see it in the final either.
Germany (Lena – Taken By A Stranger): I prefer Satellite if you don’t mind but this one’s still rather good.
Greece (Loukas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike – Watch My Dance): Um, what dance?! I didn’t see one! BRING BACK OPA!
Hungary (Kati Wolf – What About My Dreams?): HURRAH FOR HUNGARY! They’re back with a classy dancey-type song but there is speculation that the girl can’t sing live for toffee so, if she doesn’t pull it off, we may see a bit of a disappointment come the semis!
Iceland (Sjónni’s Friends – Coming Home): Sorry, Iceland, but this one’s as dull as dishwater! Can we have Yohanna back please?
Ireland (Jedward – Lipstick): People of Ireland, I’m ASHAMED of you (as well as being ashamed of being part Irish)! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!

That concludes part one. Part two coming up (starting with Israel)…


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