Eurovision mania (and Europe calling).

“Come on boys, come on girls, in this crazy, crazy world, you’re the diamonds, you’re the pearls, let’s make a new tomorrow, today…” – A Friend In London, New Tomorrow (the Danish Eurovision entry).

Tonight, live from DΓΌsseldorf Arena, Germany, the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 will take place. A record-breaking forty-three countries started the contest and now only twenty-five remain. Italy are back in the contest after fourteen years (they last competed in 1997), Switzerland are back in the final for the first time in ages, The Netherlands didn’t make it into the final for the seventh year in a row, Denmark and Ireland seem to have some sort of hair competition going on, Sweden and Russia appear to hate each other (though Sweden’s better) and the United Kingdom have Blue singing for them.

My personal favourites (besides the United Kingdom – we actually have a decent song for once!) are Denmark and Sweden. Sweden’s act didn’t quite go according to plan in rehearsals (he has a box to stand in which needs to explode on cue but it failed) and Denmark’s lead singer appears to run up the catwalk thing at the side of the stage for no apparent reason whatsoever!

VOTE FOR THE UNITED KINGDOM, PEOPLE OF EUROPE! We NEED Eurovision glory back in the United Kingdom and we actually have a strong chance this year providing that France’s opera song and/or Ireland’s crap novelty act don’t get in our way!


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