End of season report (with added awards).

So, that’s it then, another door closes on another fabulous Premier League season. And what a season it’s been!

Manchester United won the league, Chelsea inevitably sacked yet another manager, Avram Grant took a nose-dive into the Championship for about the umpteenth time, Arsenal flopped as per usual, Manchester City won the FA Cup (and got a Champions League place to top it all off), Blackpool and Birmingham went down and we didn’t up in our usual relegation battle.

Thank God.

Anyway, here are my awards. Enjoy!

Manager Of The Season: Ian Holloway. Let’s face it, the man’s a LEGEND and I’m pretty gutted Blackpool went back down after their brilliant season. We need Ian Holloway back in the Premier League so good luck to them next season!
Twat Of The Season: I would have said any of the Manchester United or Chelsea players (Frank Lampard excluded) but Bolton’s Johan Elmander gets this award at the last minute. Anyone who signs for Galasaray deserves this award to be honest and I don’t have to say why.
Team Of The Season: Manchester City. As much as I hate them, they’ve had a brilliant season and topped it off with a Champions League place next season. Their Salford rivals came close for this one though (they did win the league after all even though their team are a set of cheats both on AND off the pitch!).
Let-Down Of The Season: Liverpool. Do I really need to say why?
Match Of The Season: this might seem a bit biased, but I’m saying Bolton v Arsenal, 24th March 2011, because I WAS THERE! Well, sort of. I was at the Reebok on that day but I didn’t physically go into the stadium to see the action on the pitch. Instead, I stayed outside and watched it through a little hatch thing that I could see part of the match through before I eventually found somewhere to watch the match on a TV screen just through one of the gates – AND WE WON 2-1! I just wish I could have seen Arsene’s face afterwards (not that he’d have looked happy anyway – he never does)!
Prank Of The Season: The Manchester United fans showing the ‘We Won It 19 Times’ banner at Anfield was a brilliant prank – and rather brave!
Best Home Kit Of The Season: Arsenal and Manchester City take the joint award for this! The other’s are too rank, too bright or just too boring!
Worst Home Kit Of The Season: Bolton, closely followed by Chelsea! Why are our kits so rank lately?!
Best Away Kit Of The Season: Newcastle’s was actually quite nice and a lot better than horrible sick coloured yellow and white striped they had in the previous season!
Worst Away Kit Of The Season: Everton, by a mile! Pink kits should be shot on sight!
Ground Of The Season: Bloomfield Road, just to stop myself being biased towards the Reebok.

AND THAT’S THE WRAP! I’ll add more awards when I can be bothered thinking of more but this is all you’re getting out of me for now so, until next season, ADIOS!


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