Eurovision 2012 – my top ten.

So, you’ve probably seen my Eurovision review, right? (See here for Part One and here for Part Two if you haven’t.) Well, I now bring you my top ten, complete with videos and another small review about them.

(Not counting the UK in this, obviously.)

See what you think.

10. The Netherlands
Now I see why Joan Franka wore that horrendous Indian outfit in the Dutch national final – it was all part of the video which shows her growing up dressed like that! Genius!

9. France
For once, the Frenchies have a song actually worth listening to and I could watch the video to it all day. Those half-naked, Calvin-clad and possibly French boys are HOT! OOF!

8. Romania
A decent song with about four languages complete with drums and bagpipes? Yup, I think so too! Romania have had some pretty decent entries over the years and they haven’t let me down yet!

7. Italy
This one is definitely more up-tempo and so much better than last year’s comeback effort! It’s also rather pleasing and enjoyable with plenty of charm, which isn’t such a bad thing!

6. Cyprus
This is pure pop cheese from Cyprus and I actually love it!

5. Germany
Oh, speaking of fitties (see France in the links above), here is another one singing for Germany! It’s not wrong that I fancy French and German blokes is it? DOUBLE OOF!

4. Spain
A lovely little ballad sung by a diva with a big voice which even has the Eurovision favourite of the high note. What could possibly go wrong?

3. Norway
Eric Saade’s back – only this time, he’s called Tooji and singing for Norway! The song itself isn’t so bad either!

2. Denmark
And Denmark have brought Anna Bergendahl back – except she’s called Soluna Samay! I love the song but I don’t really get why the video itself shows her messing about in a caravan…

1. Sweden
ULTIMATE FAVOURITE! And a Scandinavian clean-sweep (of sorts). No official video as yet, though, but here’s a live version from Melodifestivalen.

And there you have it. I was going to put all 42 videos and songs into a blog entry but I thought better than to post the really shit ones (San Marino and Ireland being two of them) so you just have my top ten instead. But who will win overall? Find out on 26th May.

Stay tuned!


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