Bring on the Euros!

“Put the green cape on, hey, Poland here we come, show our colours, green, green, green, Ireland, Ireland…” – the official Republic of Ireland national football team song for Euro 2012.

This summer sees Europe’s favourite football tournament taking place in Poland and the Ukraine – Euro 2012. Sixteen teams competing to be Europe’s best, including my boys in green (see above) and, sadly, we need all the help we’re going to get. We face Italy, Croatia and reigning champions, Spain, in our group so it’s not going to be easy.

Mind you, could be worse, we could be Denmark who face Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands in the group from hell. I wouldn’t like to say who will go through from that group.

Oh, and apologies for using a song by a certain pair of talentless twins in the caption underneath the picture but, as it’s the official song for our Euro 2012 campaign, I couldn’t help it. I still hate those two though.

PS: Anyone but France to win overall…


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