Shame on Azerbaijan!

Next week sees the semi-finals and Grand Final of Europe’s favourite TV show and, whilst Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, has been friendly to guests and delegations arriving for the big event, it seems a small minority of people, namely anti-gay activists, have taken offence to it being held in the first place. A few Eurovision websites have been hacked, including an unofficial Azeri Eurovision site, and one that’s been going for twelve years,, has been wiped completely as retaliation in a series of unprovoked attacks across the web.

I’m led to believe this is a local issue within Azerbaijan andΒ I really hope the EBU see sense and do something about this. It’s not fair on the people who’ve run these sites only for them to be hacked and have everything deleted in random attacks and I hope they can recover from it. ESC Today (the link above redirects to their Facebook page)Β is one of my favourite websites for Eurovision news (AKOE from Ireland is another but they seem to be OK at the moment) and I’m shocked to think there are people out there that can behave in this sort of way.

I have faith that the sites that were taken down WILL be back up and will fight back against the attacks/hackers. Show them your support to help them get back on their feet.

I know I will…


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