Race For Life – COMPLETED!

Earlier today, I completed the Wakefield Race For Life in just under forty-five minutes in the blistering heat. I managed to jog slowly for some of the way but went on a power-walk for most of it. Even the most experienced of athletes had to walk some of the way. Not even they could manage it in that heat.

I’m actually rather proud of myself, given the time and effort I put in, and even got a medal for all my good work (see above). If you haven’t signed up/done it yet, I urge you to. Whatever the weather, it’s great fun and a perfect way to lose a bit of weight whilst dancing and doing stretches whilst looking like a complete and utter prat to Lady Gaga before you even set off doing your 5k run/jog/walk. (Well, that’s what we got. That and Carly Rae Jepsen.)

Just remember: if you do it in scorching weather, remember the water, sunscreen, a hat (though I forgot the hat part) and, most importantly, have fun.

I know I did.


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