Land of hope and glory…

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you’ll know it’s Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend.

(Then again, being reminded with signs for ‘special offers in commemoration of Queenie being on the throne for 60 years’ in literally every shop you go into should be a big enough clue…)

I’m not really one for celebrating all things royal so I won’t be having any sort of party (street or otherwise – I didn’t when Wills and Kate got married last year). I don’t mind wishing her well and everything by getting my Union Flags out and wearing them/hanging them up but I don’t see the point in partying in celebration of the Royal Family. I never have done.

I will of course be celebrating all things Olympic later this summer, as well as Euro 2012, so it’s not all bad. I might even go and see the Olympic Torch when it passes through Leeds later this month, so there you go.


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