An unhealthy obsession.

When I was a teenager, I had an obsession with some music bands, the main ones being A1 (see above) and Busted, but at least I knew other good music when I heard it. It wasn’t just one band/singer that I listened to.

Sadly, though, I came across one particular little troll (she’s actually a teenager but seems more of a troll) on Twitter who seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber and seems to think the world revolves around him. Step forward Amanda Bieber (obviously not her real name). Kurt Cobain’s apparently in Glee and hasn’t got as many fans as Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson’s no longer the King of Pop and, apparently, Freddie Mercury wasn’t a good role model because he was gay and had AIDS.

Oh dear, it all sounds pretty pathetic if you ask me. At least I grew up with music and was brought up with my mum’s Bon Jovi, Cliff Richard, The Osmonds, Boyzone and Queen stuff, plus my dad’s entire collection of 70’s and ABBA cassettes/CD’s, so I knew some good music when I heard it and, actually, I still do. I still listen to the really cheesy stuff (such as stuff from the Eurovision Song Contest, as you may have already guessed, going through this blog) from time to time but I like a wide range of music, ranging from rock to techno, so I have an eclectic music taste.

Maybe this little troll should get educated in good music too. Justin Bieber isn’t good music. He is just as pathetic and annoying as his so-called ‘fans’.

And then they all wonder why people hate them?


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