Photo post #1

Hello, my name is Lesley (like you couldn’t already guess) and I thought I’d give this photo posting thing a go. Most people use smart phone apps to do this but I don’t possess or own such devices so I had to do this using my camera and a bit of photo editing.

Here goes…

001. LOSERVILLE! I want to go and see this (it’s on at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, in case you’re interested) as it’s written by one Mr. James Bourne and looks FAB!
002. Literally my favourite non-British TV programme. I can’t get enough of it at the moment and have both series on DVD. I’ve also tried watching the American remake of it but couldn’t really get into it.  Nothing will ever beat the original with Denmark’s finest crime-solving heroine Sarah Lund. Oh, and those jumpers.
003. I was given this little dude (Milo from The Tweenies) the other day. I may pass it to my nephew. I’m sure he’ll make good use of it.
004. My team for the rest of Euro 2012. VIVA ESPAÑA!
005. New passport photo. I look a mess. For the record, I usually wear glasses but I wasn’t allowed to wear them for the photo so I had to make do without them. URGH!
006. Holiday booked for the back end of September and early October. I won’t tell you where I’m going (that will come in a later blog post nearer the time) but this is the airline I’ll be going with. (And no, it’s not Dublin.)
007. My current read. I love Scandinavian thrillers (see above) and Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy never fails to get me gripped.
008. Already done Race For Life but I’m trying to get more exercise to get the perfect bikini body for my forthcoming holiday abroad so twenty minutes or more on the rowing machine every other day should do the trick.
009. My tins of stuff. Numerous keyrings, Kinder egg boxes (yes, really), massive badges (not little ones – they’re in other tins), whistles, bottle openers and other bits of tat I’ve picked up from various places. LOVE THEM.

Good, huh? Who needs Instagram?


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