In my bag.

A few weeks ago, I bought this cute little bag for £2.99 from a charity shop, so I thought I’d do a ‘what’s in my bag’-style post. It’s a bit tatty in places but I still adore it. Not entirely sure of the designer or RRP but I thought at £2.99, I couldn’t go wrong. Most of my bags have come from cheap tat shops and I don’t actually care. I use this bag regularly so it was a good bargain.

Anyway, enough incessant babbling, onto the contents. I can’t guarantee this will be exciting but this is the second one I’ve done (the first was part of a Flickr project I did a few years back) so I hope you’ll like it.

My phone, complete with charms attached. Usually kept in my bag but, in this case, it’s on charge. Oh and ignore the crack on the screen in the top left hand corner. I had a bit of an accident yesterday and dropped my phone. Oops.

MP3 player, earphones and Leeds Rhinos lanyard. I usually change my lanyard on a regular basis so it’s not always this one.

NB: My MP3 player is now black. It’s the same as the one shown above but it’s now black rather than pink. It has a bigger capacity to the pink one, which sort of died when I dropped it on the bus and a screw came loose. Now you know.

Several packs of tissues, hand sanitiser, Vaseline, balsam stuff, Superdrug’s own version of lip therapy stuff and Gaviscon. Just in case.

Purse and keys, obviously. Purse also contains several cards, none of which are shown here.

Sunglasses, Kinder egg thing, necklace (not usually kept in my bag), measuring tape (don’t ask), clutter (receipts, sweet wrappers, bits of paper, etc.) and Bonjela.

Also kept in my bag (but not shown on here) are my glasses case, camera, hair bobbles, body spray and several pens.

And that’s that!


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