Down with this sort of thing!

Now, as you know, I’ve been feeling ill and icky for the last few days due to an ear infection which originally started in my left ear but spread to the right one as well, and the tablets I’m on are making me feel spaced out and rather drowsy, leaving me no option but to get some rest for the majority of the time. It’s not like me to feel motionless and tired but I can’t help it. I’m ill.

However, it doesn’t stop people still wanting me to go here, there and everywhere and wanting me to do stuff that I can’t do when I’m feeling like crap. Exactly what part of “I’m ill” do they not understand? I can’t do it. I haven’t been well since Friday and I have no intention of moving very far until I feel better. I’ve ventured out but, even when I have, I’ve walked round slowly. I haven’t done much else.

I’m just sick of being shouted at and being told what to do by people who aren’t even related to me. I’m apparently not allowed a social life, according to them, and they’d have me round at theirs all day, every day if they could. Well, guess what? You’re not stopping me going on holidays and weekends away. I’m 27 and entitled to a social life. I enjoy doing stuff and going away for a few days. I don’t enjoy coming home in tears and pissed off because I’ve been told off for doing stuff I haven’t even done or being shouted at down the phone just because I can’t make it up to shift stuff because I’m ill/busy/whatever.

What have I ever done to deserve that? I neither need it nor deserve it, especially not when I’m ill and, the sooner people realise that and I get a job, the better!


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