Magical Mystery Tour.

So, yesterday, I went for a day out to Llandudno in North Wales (see photo above – not mine) but it didn’t go without a few problems before we even got there.

First, the bus we were expecting turned up late and then, to add insult to injury, one of the inside tyres on it burst as soon as we left one service station en-route, leaving us stranded at another one for two hours because a) the mechanics/technicians didn’t turn up and b) our replacement bus driver got lost in Rhyl, so it was a bit of a magical mystery tour (to quote The Beatles) before we even started.

We eventually got there, though, and I enjoyed it despite it being bloody cold.

Still, on the plus side, I got a couple of new keyrings and a few other bits. One of the keyrings is shown below:

Note I don’t actually support Wales in the rugby but I got it anyway because I’m a rugby fan. I do prefer league, however, but I like a bit of rugby union as well. I support Wales occasionally when they play France in the Six Nations but I actually support England and the Republic of Ireland (though, when they play each other, I’m strictly neutral).



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