In my bag – an update.

Now, remember a few weeks ago, I posted a ‘what’s in my bag’ post (this one if you can’t remember/didn’t see it)? Well, as it turns out, I need a new one. My little pink and black bargain bag is splitting at the strap and it needs to go into early retirement so, therefore, I need a new one. Even the replacement green leathery-type one I found in my wardrobe a few days ago appears to be suffering the same fate.

Does anyone know where I’d be able to get a cheap handbag from that can double-up as a bag for hand luggage on an aeroplane? I’m going away in September so something like that would be ideal for me to put magazines, a book, my phone, my keys and whatever else goes in hand luggage into it. The pink and black one would have been too small anyway so I need something a little bigger.

RIP little bag. It was nice knowing you.


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