Last Friday, I went to Scarborough for the weekend. I always love going to Scarborough, apart from the fact it’s as hilly as buggery, and last weekend was no exception. See below for photos and what I got up to.

Arrr, it be the ten minute sail from a gang of ripping-off pirates. Not so much Pirates of the Caribbean, it was more like the Pirates of Penzance. Speaking of which, a group of them wandered into the bar my friend and I were dining out in. They were in full fancy dress and one of the chancers even fancied himself as a Captain Jack Sparrow crap-a-like but they became a bit rowdy and cocky so they soon scarpered and took their swashbuckling with them (out of the nearest open window) when the cute Russian barman asked them politely to leave. I never got a photo of them but I’d love to know where they ended up that night. Setting sail on the open waters of the North Sea would have been my option…

Oh look, it’s me. In a daft paper trilby sort-of hat. In the hotel room. Fun times.

Me again, this time in the sea. And yes, it WAS chuffing cold. It ain’t the North Sea for nowt!

And finally, here’s another shot of Scarborough’s harbour and lighthouse. Please excuse the bird shit on the hotel window. BLOODY GULLS.

They’re the only decent(ish) photos I got so there aren’t any more. Hope you like the ones I posted. I wish there could have been more this time but I didn’t take many. Some of these are courtesy of my friend anyway.


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