Always believe in your soul.

Well, that’s the Olympics over for another two years.

I say ‘two’ because the Winter Olympics are coming up in 2014 and, like this year’s Summer Olympics, I enjoy watching it. OK, we don’t do as well in the winter sports, but there’s still plenty to get excited about. I watch the Winter Championships every year and enjoy the skiing, bob-sledding, skeleton (going down a long slope on something that resembles a tea tray on your belly), luge (like skeleton but on your back), biathlon (a bit of skiing and shooting) and even ski jumping (hot Poles, Austrians and Norwegians (plus numerous other non-British athletes) throwing themselves off a big hill).

Yorkshire’s athletes did well in London and Leeds came away with four medals overall. A silver in the cycling road-race (Lizzie Armitstead), a bronze and a gold in the triathlon (the Brownlee brothers) and, as you can see from the photo above, we got another gold in the women’s boxing from our very own Nicola Adams, who also got into the record books for being the first ever female boxer to win a medal at the Olympics.

Excellent isn’t it? Hope for as much success in 2016! Bring on Rio de Janeiro!


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