A pen for Ken.

Oh my, some football fans are hilarious. Whilst I was on Twitter earlier, I came across something the Leeds United fans had come up with in order to oust their owner, one Mr. Kenneth Bates. They’ve been sending him pens either to Elland Road or to his address in Monaco (or both, in the case of one of my Twitter followers) and I thought the idea was pretty amusing, so I decided to join in the fun – despite not being a Leeds United fan myself. (See below.)

I took all my best pens out of the tub first, including one for Engage Mutual insurance, who used to sponsor the Super League before Stobart took over, and my Bolton Wanderers pens. I wasn’t going to let him have one of those.

(By the way, if you want to join in the fun, just tweet a photo of some pens and/or written letters and with the hashtag #pen4ken on Twitter. Or, alternatively, just pop a pen and a letter into an envelope and post it to Elland Road. They don’t even mind if, like me, you don’t support Leeds United. All that matters is that Ken Bates gets the message.)

So, over to you, Ken. Which pen do you want? There’s even a bank one in there, just for you.

PS: You’re not having the tub. That’s mine. Almost seven quid that cost from IKEA (for three) but, then, I don’t think pink’s your colour anyway to be honest.


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