Every traveller’s worst nightmare.

I really hate packing. No, really. I’m usually the type of person who packs about a million and one items into a suitcase for a week’s holiday knowing I won’t need it all when I get there. This time, it’s even worse when the airline I’m going with has a maximum weight restriction of about 15kg (damn the curse of the cheap airline!), not to mention I’m going from possibly the world’s tiniest airport which seems to also be the coldest in the world and a bit bumpy on landing.

However, all is not lost. This website is useful if you’re looking for a list of things to pack for your holiday. It’s sort of helped me through the nightmare of packing, though I am almost finished. I just need to find my travel guides (which I have somewhere – one of them even has a little language lesson in it) plus a couple of other bits, such as magazines and puzzle books, and then I’ll be all set.

Not sure I need aftershave, though. I’m a girl so I don’t use it.

PS: I don’t really use hair spray either but thanks all the same.


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