Well, this time tomorrow, I’ll be ready to head to the bus station to catch the bus to the airport to head to sunnier climes for two weeks and, as you can probably tell by the photo above, I’m going to the land of chocolate-coated honeycomb balls.

(Erm, OK, not really. Maltesers aren’t made in Malta, nor are people from Malta called Maltesers. I did make that mistake. Once.)

Everything’s almost packed. I just have a necklace to put into a spare tin I’ve borrowed from my friend, since I wasn’t intending on taking one of my jewellery boxes, which is in my main luggage and a few other bits (my mobile, glasses case, MP3 player and earphones) to put into my hand luggage, then I’ll be more or less sorted. All I’ll need then is a bottle of water once I’ve passed security at the airport, which isn’t a problem. I’ll also get another magazine for reading purposes, though whether I’ll read it whilst I’m on the flight is another matter.

Aside from the world of holidays and whatnot, I finally got round to getting the new Twitter yesterday and, for once, it isn’t actually too bad. There’s now an option similar to Facebook where you can add a header but, unlike Facebook, it’s better. My current Twitter header is the Maltese flag (OBVIOUSLY!) and I LOVE IT!

Oh, and you may have noticed a couple of changes on here too. A few of my links have now been deleted and/or changed, including the link to my Facebook (which I’ve deactivated again until I get back off my holiday if I bother reactivating it at all), and added the links to my photo sites. I still need to include the link to my Flickr on here though.

Anyway, if I don’t blog again whilst I’m away, I’ll see you in two weeks.

Narak iktar tard!


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