Another summer night.

GREETINGS FROM MALTA! I got here on Thursday after a three-hour flight from LBIA and it’s my third time here, though I’m staying at a different hotel than my previous two occasions (the pool for the hotel I’m at is in the photo above). Still love it though.

The flight itself was delayed for half an hour, but that’s RyanAir for you, and they claim, after you’ve landed, that they’re always on time (or something). WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! Still managed to make up time though, then my friend and I spent the best part of an hour travelling around most of Malta after the driver got lost and started to fall asleep at the wheel, which was a little bit frightening. Still, at least we got to the hotel in one piece, so I shouldn’t really whinge.

As far as our room goes, it’s like an oven in there. Our air-conditioning doesn’t work too well so we have to keep the window open on a night to get some cool air blowing around the place. Aside from that, however, it’s not a bad little room – though we did have problems finding the bloody thing in the first place!

So, what have I been up to since Thursday, you might ask? Well, apart from lounging by the above pool and trying to get a tan whilst staring at fit BILFs, not much. We’ll start travelling round again tomorrow, taking in some more of the sights, though I’m a little bit gutted they’ve taken the iconic yellow buses I’ve been used to for so long and replaced them with single-decker Arriva buses to make the Maltese get ‘more with the times’. The buses will probably still be as bumpy as hell, like, but that’s Maltese roads/traffic for you.

Already managed to tweet yesterday after finding free Wi-Fi in the bar I watched the F1 in but I’ve also managed to watch one of the Leeds Rhinos’ play-off matches. Will hopefully get to watch us take on the Wigan Warriors on Friday night too so it’s not all been bad so far.

My next blog post will probably be when I’m back at home. I’ll try and tweet again if/when I can providing there’s free Wi-Fi around or I can get back into an internet cafe. I’m actually currently typing this whilst drinking a can of Coca-Cola Light (AKA Diet Coke) – YUM!

PS: Extra bonus points if you can tell me the name of the singer whose song I’ve used on this blog title (CLUE: He’s from Malta).

Ciao for now!


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