Just like a waving flag…

Whilst I was on holiday, some of my favourite bracelets got ruined by the sun. They were all mostly silver ones so I thought I’d treat myself to some new ones earlier and came across these two in Claire’s (ignore the rainbow-coloured friendship bracelet – that was already mine).

I’d only ever seen religious ones with saints on them (I know because I have one) so I was amazed to see some with little flags on them. Sadly, there’s no Malta flag on the one with the different flags on, but there is a Republic of Ireland one so I’m proud to show off my Irish heritage whilst wearing it.

(In order, the flags on it are UK, Portugal, France, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland.)

I also got a replacement silver one with a mail theme (postbox, letter, stamp) on it to replace one of the bracelets that got sun damaged and it was a fiver for the three of them. Also got a new belt, later to realise it was too small, and two new bags for whilst I’m on my work programme course thing. I liked the look of them and, again, it was a fiver for all of them. They were on sale and the bags were originally Β£8 a piece (see below for them).

You can’t go wrong with bargains like that, can you?


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