Children In Need.

First of all, apologies for the double post. I meant to do this one first but, somehow, I forgot.

Anyway, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ll know it’s the annual Children In Need event tonight and I’ve done my bit for charity by buying literally anything and everything I could again this year as well as looking like a prize berk in a pair of bear ears (I’ve got the brown Blush ears on again this year but I do own a pair of yellow Pudsey ears that are quite old now but still in good condition).

Here’s a small collection of the stuff I’ve managed to get. I wanted a Pudsey hat as well but I wasn’t prepared to sign up for an eBay account just to get one so I let that one go. Photo-post style again so I’m not taking up a lot of space on the blog.

oo1. Me in my (old) Blush ears and pointing to them. As you do. I couldn’t be bothered getting the newer ones so you have one of me in the ones I got last year instead.
002. A very funky Pudsey Bear and the official Children In Need spots on my keys.
003. Funky Blush and Funky Pudsey keyrings on my bag. The funky-style bigger bears are in the main photo.
004. My Children In Need wristbands. These are this year’s but I do have ones from previous years as well, mainly because I collect them. And badges.

Speaking of badges, I do have some of those as well (Pudsey and Blush) but I couldn’t fit them into the photo thing I made above, so I posted them to my Flickr instead. You’ll find a bigger version of the black keyrings there as well. Just go to my Flickr (link in the sidebar) to see them.

So, that’s the wrap. The main telethon is tonight and I’m rather looking forward to the special episode of Doctor Who (I’m a Whovian but those damn Cybermen scare the living crap out of me),Β Alan Sugar turning up in Albert Square andΒ Tom Daley getting his kit off.



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