Enjoy the ride.

The title of this refers to Hollyoaks, who also used it for this week’s explosive episodes, and I don’t usually make a habit of watching it, or any other soaps, but I thought I’d give it a go this week – and what a week it’s been! They killed off a nice guy who got blown up when the bus exploded, a cute guy who was trying to do a runner with the newlywed bride (he got bumped off by a piece of roof debris falling on him), a queen bitch and a bully who eventually copped it by being hit by a flying car door after leaving the nice guy to die in the explosion and another one of the youngsters who managed to get out of the bus and leg it before it blew up (though I don’t really understand how he died).

Like I said, I don’t really watch it, but one of my favourite characters, Ste, who also got married just before the bus crashed through the venue after the brakes failed, got hit by the bus and ends up fighting for his life whilst his husband, Doug, and friend and ex, Brendan, continue to argue the toss with each other.

(Or something…)

I do hope he survives, though. I don’t think I could cope with another cute guy being bumped off in the space of a few weeks. I’ve been gripped this week and I hope there are some awards given to the cast and crew for all the spectacular scenes and the other amazing stunts at next year’s Soap Awards, instead of giving them all to EastEnders like they always do.

PS: I once met the guy who plays Darren in real life a few years ago at a Hollyoaks calendar signing, as well the lass who used to play Steph, whose wedding day was also doomed when her new hubby was killed in a hit-and-run accident, and he’s actually a nice guy. I didn’t get the calendar though, they just signed a piece of paper for me, which I usually get celebrities to do anyway if I don’t have the book/single/whatever it was they’re signing at the time.

Do weddings EVER run smoothly in soap-land?


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