Malta’s Song For Europe: the semi-finalists.


Now, as I’m sure all the Eurovision fans are aware, a certain small Mediterranean island chose their semi-finalists the other night and, as I like to follow Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest every year (besides others), I thought I’d watch at least part of Xarabank, which is one of TVM’s biggest shows, to see who may (or may not) get into the semi-final of Malta’s Song For Europe. The Maltese national final is due to be held around January or February time and the list of semi-finalists are below:

Janice Debattista – Perfect Day
Chris Grech – Never Walk Away
Claudia Faniello – When It’s Time
Corazón Mizzi – My Stranger Love
Richard Edwards – Fall Like Rome
Vlenia Vella – Tides Of Illusion
Gianni Zammit – Us Against the World
Jessica Muscat – Ultraviolet
Dorothy Bezzina – Starting From The End
Gianluca Bezzina – Tomorrow
Danica Muscat – Fantasy
Kevin Borg – Needing You
Melanie Zammit – Loverdose
Domenique – Too Little Too Late
Davinia Pace – Betrayed
Raquela – Keep Believing
Scar – Superstar
Saska Hunt – Dress Rehearsal
Amber – In Control
Petra – No-One Home
Deborah C – Love-O-Holic
Franklin Calleja – Let Your Heart Talk
Klinsmann – The Remedy
Petra and Richard – Wonderful Today
Gorg u Pawlu – Hot and Famous

Some of you may recognise the name Richard Edwards. He was on our version of The X Factor a few years back and I think he got into the final twelve before getting knocked out of the competition. It was the one that was won by Leona Lewis, just in case you don’t remember or, like me, you don’t watch it. Google him if necessary.

PS: My favourite songs and/or artists are in bold. One of my favourite Maltese artists, Fabrizio Faniello, had a song chosen to potentially make the final twenty-four semi-finalists but he was left out on this occasion. His sister, Claudia, has tried for the last few years to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest but, most times, she’s finished second and, next year, Kevin Borg, a former Swedish Idol winner, is in the running and he’s still very popular on Malta so I can only expect him to win the whole thing, leaving disappointment for poor Claudia Faniello yet again.

We’ll see come January, though…


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