Five years of WordPress.

Blimey, I’ve been on here five years! It doesn’t seem like two minutes since I made my first blog post here. I only set a new blog up in the first place because I’d been on other blogging sites previously and they were doing my head in (LiveJournal especially) and this one’s proved to be the best one I’ve used. My LiveJournal was always private anyway and I needed somewhere I could share my thoughts and views with other people of the world instead of sharing them with just a few select people and this was the best solution I could think of at the time. It’s paid off and I’m still here.

(Plus I was getting hassle from a few people on my LiveJournal anyway, so I gave it up. This place is much better and I can always just ignore them if they do find me.)

Anyway, in other news, I bought the official Hillsborough tribute single earlier, a cover of The Hollies classic He Ain’t Heavy. It’s out now, unless you’ve already pre-ordered it, which I didn’t bother doing, and it’s 89p from Amazon. (Not sure about iTunes – I don’t use it.) DO IT. It’s for a great cause.

Er, that’s about it then. Until next time…


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