Memories of 2012.


Well, another year is about to come to an end.

It doesn’t seem like two minutes since I was welcoming 2012 in but there have been some pretty good memories for me this year. Some, however, weren’t so good. Three people I knew died, we lost our cat, Gizmo, I met my cousin after years of him being away and then stopped talking to him because he sent me horrible text messages (I changed my number and avoided all contact with him – including Facebook, which I eventually packed in) but, all in all, the majority of it has been brilliant.

So, without further ado, here are my personal highlights of 2012 – in no particular order. Enjoy.

001. Leeds Rhinos becoming champions yet again. I didn’t go to the homecoming though this year as I was busy so I did all my celebrating at home. As you do.
002. Race For Life. I did it for the first time back in May and finished in just over 45 minutes which, for me, was a bit of an achievement despite walking for most of the way. I wasn’t going to run in that heat and most of us just walked it anyway. I did do a bit of jogging though but, for the most part, I walked round Thornes Park.
003. My new baby brother coming into the world.
004. MALTA! Two weeks of fun and frolics in the sunnyΒ Mediterranean. We only had one day of rain but it didn’t last that long anyway and it was fantastic! (I actually still have a bit of a tan…)
005. Meeting yet more celebrities. Robbie Savage and Mr. Motivator (yes, really) to name two of them.
006. Fifty Shades. Say no more.
007. We Will Rock You. This obviously gets a mention. I’ve always been a bit of a Queen fan (in fact, I love all kinds of ‘dad rock’) and I loved this.
008.Β The Olympics. No memories of 2012 list would be complete without mentioning the Olympics. I didn’t go down to London for them but I still enjoyed watching them at home and seeing sports I never thought I’d ever watch in my lifetime on the telly. And then there was the Paralympics. Who’d have thought that people in boats, beating people up, riding a horse and shooting at stuff could be so entertaining? Bring on Sochi 2014! (Yes, I watch winter sports as well.)

And that’s about it. Some photos I’ve taken throughout the year can be found on my Flickr and Twitter. There were more but they were on Facebook and, as I got rid of mine in September, there’s no point looking there because you won’t find it. I do have a spare account under a different name but I don’t really use that either to be honest. Twitter is so much better these days.

Oh, and I’ve decided to take up the Project 365 challenge in the New Year, which will obviously start on Tuesday at some point. I’ll try and finish it. I’m one of those who usually starts something and then gives it up as a bad job but I’ll give it a go. I set up a new Flickr account for that, despite my usual one being a pro account until March, so I’ll link it here once I start it.

Happy (early) New Year, everyone!


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