Love is easy.


The observing amongst you will realise this is about McFly. Or rather, some of their so-called ‘fanbase’. Tom (second from right in the photo above) got married early last year and decided to upload a video of his wedding speech to YouTube yesterday. I actually thought it was rather sweet but some people, namely jealous McFly fans and tabloid newspapers, are getting the impression that he’s in Harry (far right)’s shadow because he’d announced he was getting married. Harry actually got married just before Christmas so why would he be in anybody’s shadow? And, more to the point, why would Tom just be in this business for the money and the attention?

EDIT: Harry got engaged at the same place and time that Tom was on his honeymoon and Tom helped with Harry’s wedding so why the hell would he be in his shadow? They’re all best friends and would do anything to help each other out.

Jealous much? I had the misfortune of meeting one of these shallow and pathetic fans a few years ago and she cut me out of a group photo with Danny Hall, then in Son Of Dork, when she posted it online and called me all the names under the sun just because she decided after one meeting that she didn’t like me. I then saw her a few weeks later at a McFly gig in Bradford when I found out we were on the same row as each other. I hated her then and I still hate her now. I’m not mentioning her name on here but I’m sure the good people from my old MySpace account, which I haven’t used for years (does anyone still use it?), will know who I’m talking about because I seem to remember I mentioned her on there as well. (If you’re on Twitter, ask me. I’ll let you know there.)

Even my best friend (who used to hate McFly but sort of likes them now) wouldn’t tweet abuse to them. You’re the ones that are pathetic and desperate for attention, not the boys. Just stop it leave them alone!

PS: This isn’t the first music-based rant I’ve blogged and I guarantee it won’t be the last.


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