Dansk Melodi Grand Prix: my thoughts.

danish flag

So, I’ve listened to all of the songs in this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the Danish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, and, on first impressions, I love most of them. There are a couple of Danish-language songs, which aren’t too bad, and a lot of toe-stompers, which are all brilliant. There is also a previous Danish Eurovision contestant taking part again this year in a bid to represent Denmark for a second time. In fact, it’s going to be tough picking a winner to go to Malmö this year because they’re all just so good.

(In fact, I’m listening to the songs again as I type this.)

I’m going to try and watch it if I can find a working link for it. They haven’t streamed it for the last two years due to streaming problems back in 2010 so I’m personally hoping they’ve managed to get it working because I’ve been disappointed in not being able to watch it live from the UK, like I have done previously.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the contenders in order of appearance on Saturday night. There are a couple of Brits and a Swede in the list but this doesn’t bother me. If they’re good enough to represent Denmark, they’re good enough for me.

Frederikke Vedel – Jeg Har Hele Tiden Vidst Det
Brinck – Human
Kate Hall – I’m Not Alone
Louise Dubiel – Rejs Dig Op
Daze – We Own The Universe
Simone – Stay Awake
Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray – Invincible
Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops
Albin – Beautiful To Me
Mohamed Ali – Unbreakable

And that’s it! May the best song/artist win!

PS: Norway, I’m still disappointed at your first three finalists! What on EARTH were you thinking?! Pick something better this weekend please (not that I’ll be able to watch who you send through, you understand, but still)!


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