Heat’s Hottest 101: the top ten.


This was inspired by my best friend Emma but she blogged and gave her opinion on the full list. I’m only doing the top ten.


10 – Johnny Depp: As Captain Jack Sparrow, maybe, but not the Mad Hatter or Willy Wonka. Is Orlando Bloom still available?
09 – Olly Murs: I JUST WANT YOU TO DANCE WITH ME TONIGHT! *ahem* Olly can dance with me any time. That is all.
08 – Zayn Malik: EW! He may be a fellow Yorkshire person (he’s from Bradford) but he’s also in One Direction so that’s a turn off for a start!
07 – Taylor Lautner: I prefer Robert Pattinson. I still hate Twilight though.
06 – Harry Styles: EURGH! *vomits*
05 – Ryan Gosling: OH HELLO!
04 – Zac Efron: Like a fine wine, he gets better with age. Yum!
03 – David Beckham: My mum would appreciate this. I still prefer Steven Gerrard.
02 – Channing Tatum: No idea who he is but I still would.
01 – Tom Daley: This guy currently graces my wall with his presence. A whole year of Mr. Daley in his trunks? Yes please! (As long as he’s not doing that Splash rubbish…)

Oh, speaking of Bradford, well done to the Valley Parade boys for becoming the first fourth-tier team to reach the League Cup final after they beat Aston Villa 4-3 on aggregate last night. They did White Rose country proud!


3 responses to “Heat’s Hottest 101: the top ten.

  1. Shaaaaaaameeeeee on you!!! Just for shame matey!! Murs – Eurgh!! And you don’t know Channing Tatum. Ok. Watch two films. 1. The Vow. 2. Magic Mike. Then you will know Channing of Tatum!

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