Getting rather crafty.


First of all, please note that I didn’t make any of the above patches. I’m not THAT crafty! I used to do a bit of cross-stitching years ago but I gave it up and I just haven’t had really the time or effort since. I may have to start cross-stitching again at some point. I miss it and I used to really enjoy doing it.

Anyway, I found the above two patches in a couple of boxes earlier and a bag to put them onto. I also tried to make a home-made Maltese flag (complete with cross in the corner) but it went a bit wrong so I had to take it off. That’s what the mess on the bag is. Apologies for that.

Oh, and I cheated as well. Both Eeyore and Tigger were ironed on. Eeyore was an iron-on patch anyway, as bought from my local haberdashery shop, but Tigger wasn’t. It used to be on an old bag, which has since met its demise, and I took it off and haven’t bothered to put it on anything since… until now. I used some special iron-on stuff to do it and I actually like my handiwork. I will find something to put in place of the Maltese flag but, until then, it’ll do for now.

You like?


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