Race For Life… AGAIN!


About half an hour or so ago, I signed up for this year’s Race For Life.

Why? Well, I enjoyed it so much last year (despite it being in the boiling heat around Wakefield’s Thornes Park) that I decided to do it all again. This time with one small difference: I’m staying in Leeds this time. It makes it easier for me and it’s also a bit of a change so I wanted to stay in my home town this year.

If you’d like to sponsor me, the link to my page is in the sidebar. I should get the fundraising pack containing my number and back sign in the next few days or so and I’ll be keeping hold of my sponsor form this year. After all the farce I had last year trying to get people to send it off for me, I may as well do it myself. It never did get sent in the end.

It takes place in June this year so I have a few months to prepare myself and get a bit fitter so I can try and run in less time than I did last year. I finished in 45 minutes last year, even in THAT HEAT, so I’ll be proud of myself if I do it in less time this year.

I’d better get cracking, then…


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