We finally have an artist!


Yes, it’s official. After weeks of speculation, it’s been announced that Welsh songstress Bonnie Tyler will be representing us, the United Kingdom, at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in MalmΓΆ.

As someone who grew up listening to my mum’s power ballads collection, I grew to like Bonnie Tyler, so this pleases me greatly and I hope we have a chance of actually coming at least close to winning this year. We did it in 2011 with Blue in DΓΌsseldorf, who finished 11th overall, but the Beeb let us down last year by sending the gravelly-voiced and doddering old codger Engelbert Humperdinck to Baku and he finished second to last so I hope we finish on the left side of the scoreboard again.

I won’t even mind if Ireland beat us again this year because they’ve done Europe a favour and actually sent someone other than the talentless twins this year, so I can cheer for them again! YAY!



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