Eurovision 2013 Song Review – Parte Deux.

Here’s part two of my Eurovision 2013 song review.


Israel (Moran Mazor – Rak Bishvilo): I may not understand Hebrew but I do like this song. Still too much competition at the top for it to be a potential winner, though.
Italy (Marco Mengoni – L’Essenziale): Italy opted for an all-Italian song this year and I love it! Oh, and Marco’s nice on the eye as well! (Did I say that out loud?)
Latvia (PeR – Here We Go): Sorry, Latvia, you’re going nowhere. Not with this song. See you in the semis for the umpteenth time.
Lithuania (Andrius Pojavis – Something): A cute guy in a weird hat with a cute song about shoes and being in love. It’s got an essence of singalongability in it and I like it.
Malta (Gianluca Bezzina – Tomorrow): Another favourite of mine from the start. I actually sat through the full three hours of the Maltese national final (they like to drag it out) in the hope that someone I recognised would win it. However, when it was announced that a doctor by trade had actually won, I was shocked. The song itself is catchy and Dottore Bezzina didn’t let me down in the end. Sadly, there’s no weird foot shuffle this year, but I still hope he does well.
Moldova (Aliona Moon – O Mie): Moldova have tried doing what Finland did last year and sent a song that isn’t in their official language. Sadly for them, however, the song itself is a bit rubbish but it’ll still probably qualify.
Montenegro (WhoSee – Igranka): Who on EARTH told these two they could rap? Have they not seen Austria’s entry from last year? NEXT!
Netherlands (Anouk – Birds): What do poor little Holland have to do to qualify? They’ve been let down for the last eight years and they’ve even sent one of their most popular singers in the hope they make the final this year. This song may remind me of a Lana Del Rey song but at least it is at least listenable without wanting to reach for the nearest razor blade. Good luck Dutchies!
Norway (Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love): Over the years, I’ve loved the Norwegian entries, and this one is no exception. There’s an essence of electro-pop in there and I love it. I just hope they don’t come last again this year. Even the rest of Scandinavia were tight to poor Tooji last year! Rotten sods!
Romania (Cezar – It’s My Life): Another weird song. Not sure if this is supposed to be pop or classical but, either way, it’s quite odd. PS: Bon Jovi called. They want the title of their song back.
Russia (Dina Garipova – What If): Russia have gone for a ballad this year. Hopefully there’ll be no spinning things on stage this time. PS: Hear’Say called. They want their song back.
San Marino (Valentina Monetta – Crisalide): After last year’s entry, thought ‘oh, for frig sake, not again’ when I saw that Valentina would be representing San Marino for the second year in a row but, actually, the song isn’t too bad and they may actually get somewhere this year without having a single social network in sight
Serbia (Moje 3 – Ljubav Je Svuda): After years of sending solo artists, Serbia have clearly sent their answer to the Sugababes this year. Eurovision won’t be going back to Belgrade any time soon, though
Slovenia (Hannah Mancini – Straight Into Love): What’s this? A song that ISN’T a ballad? SHOCK HORROR!
Spain (El SueΓ±o De Morfeo – Contigo Hasta El Final): A nice little folky-type song from the Spaniards that’s easy enough to tap your foot along to. I like this one too. Good work, Spain!
Sweden (Robin Stjernberg – You): Normally, when a country wins Eurovision and has to host it the following year, they send something unlikely to win the thing two years in a row. This year, the Swedes have clearly broken that rule by sending something that a) was the first ever winner of Melodifestivalen to come through the Andra Chansen round and b) isn’t quite as uptempo as Euphoria but still good enough to win it again. I don’t think it will though but we’ll see.
Switzerland (Takasa – You And Me): Folk rock is cool. I can do folk rock. Switzerland were a bit naughty at first, having sent their Salvation Army to MalmΓΆ, but they decided to change their name and get rid of their official uniforms so as not to break the rules. I’ve liked this song from the start as well and I hope it gets into the final.
Ukraine (Zlata Ognevich – Gravity): Whilst I like songs that sound like something from a Disney movie, this one is a bit dull and boring. It’s not as bad as 99.9% of the songs this year, however (I’m looking at you, Greece), so I can live with it.
United Kingdom (Bonnie Tyler – Believe In Me): And, finally, we come to the end. Our song is brilliant and I’ve always liked Bonnie Tyler, having grown up listening to her music, and she can still sing and hold a note in key, unlike Engelbert Humperdinck so, if she finishes on the left hand side of the board, I’ll be happy with that. I think we have a good chance of that at least.

And that, as they say, is that. My personal favourites are (in no particular order) Ireland, Malta, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria and, current favourite with the bookmakers, Denmark. I like our entry too but I can’t vote for my own country, so I’ll stick with the ones I’ve put in the list above.

But who will win overall? We’ll find out in May!


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