A personal best.


So, earlier, I completed the Leeds Race For Life in 43 minutes, beating my time from last year by two minutes. It was a hell of a lot cooler than it was last year but, thankfully, not wet, though there was mud round bits of the route. I managed to jog for most of it but ended up walking parts of it where there was mud, a killer hill, sand, narrow and uneven tracks and kerbs to avoid, so I’m actually rather chuffed with myself, even though I looked like a complete prat beforehand whilst trying to partake in the Cancer Slam thing as well as jumping along to Live Whilst We’re Young (I like the song. Don’t judge me.) and a dance routine to Rolling Down The River. Both of these coupled with the fact I was wearing a headband thing for the run, which I took off as I passed the finish line, you can imagine how much of a prat I actually looked.

Below are some photos of me that my friend Instagrammed on her phone. I did get a few others. See my Flickr for those (you’ll find the link in the sidebar underneath the photo of me).

Here’s to Race For Life 2014… wherever that may take me.


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