Share A Coke.


You’ve all seen the adverts and probably tried to find your name in shops, supermarkets, garages… wherever? Initially, Coca-Cola put 150 names out, which proved popular, but others complained their name wasn’t in the list and they added 100 more names to the list… and yet STILL my name wasn’t there.

(You’d think Lesley was a popular name in the UK wouldn’t you? Obviously not. I’d probably find a bigger bottle with my name on if I lived in Ireland. It’s probably more popular over there.)

So, after much sulking about not getting my name on a bottle of Coca-Cola, I went to the ‘Share A Coke’ event up at the White Rose Centre yesterday where I FINALLY got one. The only complaint I had is that they don’t do it for Diet Coke (not a clue why) – they only do normal Coke and Coke Zero, neither of which I can actually stand, but when you’re desperate for a drink in the boiling heat, you don’t really care. It was only a small bottle anyway so I didn’t mind.

Sadly, I did manage to rip the label a little bit whilst trying to get it off the bottle, but it’ll be getting stuck on one of my many little storage boxes anyway, probably with Sellotape, so it’s not too bad, even though I ripped it over my name. Oops!

PS: Yes, that IS a KFC meal in the photo. I’m supposed to be dieting to lose a bit of weight but it’s only once in a blue flood so there.


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