No bread? No problem!


As some of you will have seen over at my Twitter (for the ones who are on mine – it’s under lock and key to keep unwanted spammers out), I’m attempting the ‘no bread diet’. Starting from today, for one whole month, I’m not allowed any bread, so my lunches will consist of salads, pastas, cereals and other similar foods in an attempt to lose a bit of weight. One of my friend’s work colleagues tried it and she lost about a stone, so I thought I’d give it a go myself.

I’m still allowed my wraps, as long as they’re Weight Watchers ones, but I’m not allowed bread for a whole month. I’m going to miss my crab paste sandwiches, however, so I’ll be happy once it’s over so I can get back to eating them.

PS: I have no idea if this means I can’t eat ‘breaded fish’ or ‘breaded chicken pieces’, like, but we’ll see…


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