Top 5: General Pet Peeves.


“I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.” – Noël Coward.

This is just a follow-up from the previous post. Here is a list of the little things in general, not just whilst out and about, that get on my nerves.


001. Cold callers: People who keep ringing up asking me about PPI or surveys can get lost. They can doubly get lost if they can’t be bothered trying to pronounce my name properly. It’s not that difficult to pronounce ‘Brady’, surely? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been held on the phone whilst trying to tell someone that a) I don’t take part in surveys and b) my laptop’s fine and I don’t need any more damn programs for it because my Windows Defender has corrupted (though, since I took that off, I haven’t had any more calls about computers. Funny that!). Oh, and by the way, I’m a Miss, not a Mrs.

002. Reality TV: Programmes such as Big Brother and The Only Way Is Essex really grind my gears. I don’t wish to hear the latest scandal from the ‘house’ or which couple from Made In Chelsea have recently split up. Same with Beliebers. Go away. Now. Please. And take your banal rubbish with you. Thank you.

003. Bad driving: I don’t drive myself but I’ve seen plenty of idiotic drivers on the roads in my time. Those idiots who think hogging the middle lane and/or tailgating are a good idea, stupid Maltese drivers who don’t know where their indicators are, cyclists riding on the pavement or those who think it’s a good idea to go through a red light whilst I’m crossing the road (bear in mind I DO watch where I’m going after stupidly getting hit by a bus on a crossing three years ago). One particular incident a few days ago happened to me whilst crossing the road. The green man was on the crossing was beeping, so I knew it was safe, but one bright spark on a bike (who wasn’t wearing a helmet and protective gear – more like his light just went out) decided to go straight through the red light, almost knocking me over, and then looked at me like I was in the wrong. I was so tempted to shout expletives at him and knock him off his bike but he scarpered rather quickly.

004. Dog mess: Also those who don’t clean up after their dog. There are poo bins around for a reason. I don’t wish to step in the stuff whilst I’m out and about. It’s smelly and it gets everywhere. Gross!

005. Smokers: I don’t smoke myself so why should I breathe in everyone else’s cigarette smoke or come home smelling of cigarettes? I don’t wish to be in town and have some ignorant arse breathing their horrible habit all over me (which has happened before now). I also don’t wish to feel it necessary to waft away cigarette smoke from my general direction. Unfortunately, I know too many people who smoke. It’s a disgusting habit and should be stubbed out permanently.

There are other things that get my goat from time to time but these are the main five (or, ten, if you count the last post).

PS: My next post will be my 100th. That is all.


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