Top 5: Shopping Pet Peeves.


“I don’t have pet peeves like some people. I have whole kennels of irritation.” – Whoopi Goldberg.

Pet peeves. Pet hates. Call them what you want but we all have them. Little things that generally annoy the crap out of you, whether out shopping, on public transport, in the street… whatever. I posted a big post about public transport annoyances a few months back, so here are the top five things that annoy me most about other people whilst out shopping.

(In no particular order.)


001. Slow moving people: This happens to me a lot. Whilst out walking round town, I generally come across those people, usually the old geezers and old biddies, moving slowly for no apparent reason. Fair enough if they’ve been injured and they’re on crutches or whatever but there’s no excuse for you being slow whilst I’m busy doing my shopping. Move faster and get out of the way so I don’t trip over you or end up walking slow myself and hold everyone else up behind me. Thank you.

002. Chuggers: Ah yes, chuggers. Or, to give them their full title, ‘charity muggers’. These are the people wearing Shelter/Friends Of The Earth/Save The Children t-shirts that try to mug you for money at every given opportunity. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been stopped by one of them asking for a minute of my time (when, actually, they’ve spent about ten minutes yakking on about whatever charity they’re supposed to be collecting for) whilst out and about town, either shopping or handing out CV’s into various shops. Same goes for the so-called homeless people selling those stupid joke books for Β£2 when they’re not even worth that in the first place. What part of ‘I have no money because I’m unemployed’ do they not understand? Leave me alone!

003. Spitting: If you’re going to gob in the street, do it into a hanky and throw it in the bin. Don’t gob on the pavement! It’s not big and it’s not clever. In fact, it’s gross!

004. “Do you need a bag?”: I get this a lot as well, especially in supermarkets. I once got three items and the dopey cashier asked me if I needed a bag, even though it was easy enough for me to manage without one (I’d only got small items that were manageable without a carrier bag), and I got a weird look afterwards. I do carry my own little foldaway one in my normal bag now anyway. Saves faffing around with plastic carrier bags and getting asked stupid questions.

005. Queue jumpers: If I’ve been standing there about an hour waiting for a bus that can’t be arsed turning up on time, I don’t expect to be made even more narked by idiots jumping the queue in front of me. I’ve been polite and let people go in front of me if they were waiting for the bus first before me, and others have returned the favour, but some people are just plain rude. Sadly, in other countries, like Malta, they don’t like the tradition of queuing and just shove others out of the way to get onto the bus. I got it last year whilst I was over there – and from a British person of all people! Just because you’re in another country, it doesn’t mean you can’t queue like normal people and, if you do it in future, I may just stand on your foot to teach you a lesson!


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