Ashes retained!


“The best thing about cricket is the Ashes trophy itself. A tiny, wooden urn. Blood, sweat and tears, and what do we win? Something that looks like a Victorian butt plug.” – Russell Howard.

No matter what the sport, there really is no nicer feeling in the world than seeing the Australians getting tonked. They’d already been beaten by our Lions rugby boys a few weeks ago and we’d already won the first two Ashes tests in some style, then they did well in the third test, only for the heavens to open and the match being abandoned on the final day. It ended up as a draw in the end and, therefore, we retained the Ashes with two tests remaining.

(Sorry Adam Hills, but your boys took one HELL of a beating!)

Oh, how I laughed! Bring on the winter tests in Australia!

EDIT:Β I say ‘any sport’, but I do like Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo in Formula 1, so I like to see them doing well where possible, and I’m sure Mark Webber will be missed when he leaves at the end of the season.


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