Better late than never.


Hello from Malta!

Got here last week after being stupidly delayed at Manchester Airport due to the plane we were supposed to get on going ‘into tech’ and breaking down at Luqa Airport and, eventually, getting a flight on a plane that wasn’t even an Air Malta jet (it was a big white and red thing borrowed from the Poles (I recognised the signs as being in Polish as soon as I got onto the damn thing) with an arrow on the tail fin. Care to elaborate?) three hours late and getting here at 3am in the morning, only to be told we were being moved to a different hotel than the one we’d booked in at. Not good at daft o’clock on a Sunday morning, but hey-ho.

Already managed to do a spot of sightseeing in Valletta, buy various bits of tat, get a bit of sun by the hotel pool (see above) and read a couple of books but I’m back home (well, in Manchester, anyway) on Saturday afternoon, flights and delays permitting, and will get back into Leeds on Sunday at some point, when I’ll be able to blog again via my tablet and some random Wi-Fi hotspot since we’ll still be internetless at home.

(I’m at the internet cafΓ© in the hotel typing this. It makes life a bit easier and it isn’t taking forever to blog.)

Until the weekend, then… adios amigos!

PS: THEY’VE GOT RID OF THE BORIS BUSES! Just a shame they still have the small Arriva buses…


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