Top 5: Sports.


“We had a good team on paper. Unfortunately, the game was played on grass.” – Brian Clough.

Sport. We all like certain ones and loathe others. Those who’ve seen my about me page will have seen a few sports I like and others I can’t stand but I’m going to elaborate more on the ones I love here, starting with the one I love the most at number one.

(You get the idea.)

001. Rugby league:love rugby league. LOVE IT. But, of course, you knew that already. My team, Leeds Rhinos, did well again last season but it was the Wigan Warriors who became the champions overall. Who’d have thought that 26 blokes (or 30 in rugby union) running after an egg-shaped ball and chucking themselves onto a muddy field could be so entertaining? Mind you, if I get to see a few arses under their tight shorts, even if some of the players have perfect faces for radio (Jamie Jones-Buchanan, I’m looking at you), I’m not complaining. (Perve? Me? Never…) PS: Looking forward to the World Cup as well. Anyone but Australia or France to win.

002. Football: Or, for the Americans, soccer. None of this ‘rugby with pads and helmets’ shit for me, thank you. Sadly for me, however, the not-so-mighty Bolton Wanderers have had a dismal start to the season but Celtic doing well in the Scottish Premiership makes up for it. Yes, I like both Bolton Wanderers and Celtic. What of it? They’re both technically from different countries so it counts. Oh, and my international team are the Republic of Ireland. I sort-of support them in rugby union as well. You can hate me all you like, I don’t care.

003. Winter sports: Especially biathlon and ski jumping. I do support our lads and lasses in the winter sports, and will do so in the Olympics, but there haven’t been any Brits in ski jumping since Eddie the Eagle so I support people from other countries in that, usually the ones from Austria, Norway and, erm, Poland. Oh, and some of the Swedish and Norwegian cross-country skiers and biathletes. Some of the suits are garish and some of them have weird names but I don’t care.

004. Formula 1: Like with winter sports, I don’t really support anyone that’s British. I like Jenson Button but I went right off Lewis Hamilton ages ago. My favourite drivers are Mark Webber, even though he’s leaving at the end of the season, and Kimi Raikkonen. I also have a bit of a soft spot for Felipe Massa after his accident a few years ago and it’ll be the same with Robert Kubica if he can ever make a comeback after his rally crash. Oh, and can Sebastian Vettel PLEASE stop winning? It is getting rather boring!

005. Cricket: We won the Ashes not so long ago and Yorkshire, miraculously, finished second in the County Championship (we’d have won if a) we hadn’t been crap in the last couple of matches and b) the weather had been on our side). What’s not to like?

Only just missing the top 5 are tennis (anyone but Andy Murray – I can’t stand the ugly git) and rugby union. The latter did get a small mention though, so it’s not all bad.

Oh, and my next top 5 will be five teams I love and hate (all sports – will probably be two separate posts) as inspired by my best friend, Emma.

Watch this space…


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