Top 5: Sports Teams I Dislike.


Just a follow-up from the last post.

Enjoy… or maybe not.

PS: No offence is meant be caused in the typing of this blog post and, if I do offend anyone, I can only apologise.

001. Galatasaray: I’ve hated this lot for years since their fans killed two Leeds United fans back in 2000 and take an instant dislike to any football player I once did like signing for them. Harry Kewell and Johan Elmander are two examples of this. PS: There are other football teams I can’t stand (Millwall, Rangers, Manchester United and Brøndby, for example) but this bunch of nutjobs top the lot.

002. British men’s tennis: I don’t really pay much attention to our lads in the tennis to be fair. I much prefer the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal than Andy Murray and Tim Henman. I don’t like either of them and never have.

003. Warrington Wolves: You’d think with me being a Leeds Rhinos fan, I’d stick the Bradford Bulls here, wouldn’t you? Well, actually, my most-hated team in the Super League are Warrington Wolves, with St. Helens coming a close second. There are only one or two players I can tolerate. The rest are either want to start fights with the opposition or are dog-bothering idiots. I’ll let you decide.

004. Anything French: Be it football, rugby league, rugby union, skiing… whatever, I just don’t like the French. Well, apart from one or two of their biathletes. Maybe.

005. Anything American: Not the Yanks in general, but their ‘sports’. I don’t get American football and I’m not overly keen on basketball, mainly because I’m a shortarse and could never reach the baskets when I played it at school (see also netball). Oh, and it’s rounders, not baseball.

PS: I may have taken Lancashire CCCC out of here and replaced them with Warrington Wolves but, being from Yorkshire, they’re still our rivals, haha!


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