Top 5: Sports Teams I Like.


So, here they are, my top five favourite sports teams, though I’m sure the majority of them will be pretty damn obvious.


001. Leeds Rhinos: Well, of course, you already knew this. What could be better than watching the match and shouting at Ryan Bailey for doing something other than what he’s meant to be doing (i.e. playing rugby league instead of starting a fight and getting suspended after every other game)? Nothing, would be my guess. PS: Hope Tom Briscoe does well for us next season. He was a brilliant player at Hull.

002. Wigan Warriors: My second-favourite team in rugby league. They’re going to miss Pat Richards and Sam Tomkins next season though, but they do still have Josh Charnley, which helps a little bit. Hope they can find a decent kicker before then.

003. Bolton Wanderers: Contrary to my new profile photos at Twitter and Facebook, which feature me with Brian McDermott and Luke Murphy from Leeds United, my favourite football team are the lads from the Reebok Stadium. Sadly, we’ve been a bit useless so far this season, and are currently languishing somewhere in the bottom half of the table. Do Crystal Palace want Dougie Freedman back? They’re welcome to him if they do.

004. Celtic: My second team in football and the current Scottish Premiership (or, rather, Scottish Premier League, before they changed their name) champions. They’re not doing so well in the Champions League this season though. PS: Who the fuck are Glasgow Rangers?

005. Norway ski-jumping team: As I said in my last post, Great Britain don’t have any ski-jumpers, but I do still like the sport and support people from other countries. I do like Team Poland as well (hello Kamil) but, overall, my favourites are Team Norway (hello Tom). Hoping for either of them to do well at the Winter Olympics in Sochi next year. Anyone got a Norwegian flag I can borrow?

Only just missing out are the England rugby union and league teams, England’s cricket team, the Republic of Ireland football team, my Danish Superliga team FC Copenhagen and my lower-league rugby league team, Keighley Cougars.

Part 2 (my most-hated teams) coming up…


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