Top 5: Social Network Irks.


Social networks. We all use them on a daily basis. There are some we love, some we hate, and some we really despise. There are also different people on these sites who shouldn’t be on them as you’ll see in my list.

Society used to just be a normal place where people from school didn’t tell the whole world and his dog about their screaming children, and I can barely remember it. My Facebook and Twitter timelines are so full of mundane rubbish, or constant updates of what someone’s pet is doing today, that they’ve completely changed the way we interact with one another. I, for one, pretty much hate them for that. Yes, I still have Facebook and Twitter, obviously, but I can still hate them.

I like social networks for being able to connect me to friends and family that are far away (except the ones I don’t wish to speak to but there’s a block button for that) and for us to share events, pictures, music, videos and jokes without everything having to be a big to-do. And it’s useful for communicating. Sometimes.

However, as I’ve said before, I still predominantly hate them, and this is usually because of other people or general things about them I deem to get on my wick.

Here are my top five offenders of other people and things that have ruined social networking…

001. Trolls:Β My ultimate hate. These are the type of people you see on Twitter/Facebook/wherever trying to cause trouble for others and, usually, failing. There’s one particular troll I’ve encountered on Twitter (I won’t mention his name) who once had a go at two of my Twitter followers, just because they supported a different football team to him, before setting about to call one of them a ‘fat bird who slept around with other men’ despite her a) being in a strong relationship with her then fiancΓ©, now husband, and b) being pregnant with her first child. Even people who support the same team as him (again, not saying who/what/why) hate him for just being an arrogant and obnoxious prat. He’s also the kind of idiot who tweets abuse to all kinds of celebrities and finds himself getting blocked in the process. I wonder why?

002. Mutual followers/friends who abuse me: I’ve experienced this on Facebook and MySpace by two different people. One who I actually met calling me all the names under the sun and one I didn’t know but abused me on her friend’s account saying all kinds of rubbish. I first experienced the latter on Livejournal when I joined a football-based group she was also on and she developed a hatred for me virtually straight away, just because a) I supported a team she hated and b) she found out I supported two teams which, to her, is wrong (according to her, you’re only meant to support your hometown team and the national team of your country which, for me, would be Leeds United and England). She also abused me in all kinds of ways on Facebook saying nasty things behind my back. The other one, who I actually met, liked me at first but then I found a photo on a friend’s MySpace account with me cut out of it (I was originally in said photo) and a comment underneath from her saying “minus dogface”. I then had the misfortune of finding her account after a gig in 2007 with more hatred comments towards me. She then moved on to abusing Tom from McFly (despite her being a McFly fan herself) and several members of his family on Twitter just because the release of McFly’s sixth album had been delayed. Have they never heard of ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all?’ Idiots.

PS: You can both try and find this blog and/or comment here all you like. I’ll just ignore you and delete your comments. You’re already blocked on my Facebook and Twitter accounts as it is so I don’t have to communicate with you and listen to your inane bull about myself and other people. Take that as a warning.

003. Fail whale:Β Ah yes, the fail whale or, as I once got, the fail robot. The one thing that makes all Twitter users want to rip their hair out occasionally. Oh, so you’re down for maintenance? Why not just tell us that instead of showing us a whale EVERY DAMN TIME?

004. LinkedIn: Does anyone really see the point of LinkedIn? And, whilst I’m on the subject, what’s the point of Google+? It’s just the same thing isn’t it? Aren’t they both basically just social networks for the office workers? Your guess is as good as mine…

005. Grammar/spelling Nazis: I follow all sorts of people on Twitter and am friends with a few non-English people on Facebook so I’m used to poor spelling and grammar. Sadly, however, there are still some people who criticise their spelling and grammar on a regular basis. I’ve even had it myself whilst trying to communicate with other people in their language. There was one particular occasion whilst I was trying to speak German (I think it was German, anyway) and someone commented that it was ‘slightly off’ and didn’t quite look right. Same with my non-English friends and followers trying to speak English. Yes, it’s a way of telling us that we’ve got it wrong, but we’re all still learning aren’t we?


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