A few more good reads.


Some people have a set target to read as many books as possible in one year. I don’t. I just read when I can but never really count how many books I read per year. I’ve not long since finishedย The Killing II (I’ll also be getting the third and final instalment when that comes out next month) and have just purchased at least four new books to my Galaxy tab via my Kindle app, one of which I’m currently reading. I still have others to read on there as well. My virtual bookcase is probably as big as my real one. I just love reading and I can’t help it.

I’ve read some really good books over the last few weeks and some books I read turned out to be a lot better than I first expected. I downloaded or bought some after reading good reviews about them and they haven’t let me down. I’ve listed them below. See what you think.

John Bishop – How Did All This Happen?
David Hewson – The Killing II
Emma Kennedy – The Killing Handbook
Ben Crystal – Shakespeare On Toast
Alexandra Brown – Christmas At Carrington’s
Rachel Schurig – Three Girls And A Baby
Zlatan Ibrahimoviฤ‡ – I Am Zlatan
Kevin Wells – Goodbye Dearest Holly: Ten Years On

The last one is my current one. It’s quite an emotional one and tells of a father’s quest for justice after the murder of his daughter who was just ten years old at the time of her death. There have been times I’ve got quite teary myself and, despite the person who wrote this book being a window cleaner who’d never written anything before in his life, let alone a book, it’s actually a brilliant book so far and it hasn’t failed to get me gripped.

So, that was the long and short of it. I went on a book-buying rampage in the Kindle store to buy some of the titles in my list, whilst other books were free. I promise to read more books this year and blog here more.

Guide’s honour.


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