Top 5: Annoying Adverts.


Telly ads. You’ve all seen them. Those things that appear between breaks in a programme on channels other than anything to do with the Beeb and we all have our favourites. We also have those that, for whatever reason, irrationally annoy you or fill you with rage every time you see them. And I’m no exception. Mine are listed below, in no particular order.

Enjoy. (Or maybe not.)

001. Hotels4U: Surely the Brummie accent in this advert is seriously put on? And what’s with “anything for you, cupcake” repeated about a million times throughout the advert? Only one will suffice, thank you. You’re seriously peeing me off with your annoying shite accent now please go away. Now.

002. Go Compare: “Go compare, go compare, give me a bat to hit the prat at Go Compare…” You get the idea. Then again, he’s not so bad when he’s not singing. PS: Wales called. They want their Llanfair back.

003. Any ‘Cash For Gold’-type advert: You know the ones. “My car failed its MOT so I went into Cash Converters and exchanged my camera for cash.” Why would you even do that anyway? Go to the nearest dictionary and look up the word ‘gullible’. That’s exactly what you are if you do this sort of thing. Same with sending gold through the post. I repeat… WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!

004. EE: Kevin Bacon annoys the hell out of me. That’s all I’ve got on that one.

005. Ladbrokes:used to like these adverts but that bloody Italian bloke is starting to grate on me. And Italians usually don’t have that effect on me. I like Chris Kamara as well but he’s better off staying away from these adverts. No offence, Kammy.

And that’s pretty much it. Only just missing out are the bingo adverts. They annoy the crap out of me as well. (You may notice I can’t stand bingo. Or, as I call it, bastard bollocking bingo (or BBB for short).) Oh, and the new Hive advert. A new annoying song alert.

See you next time!


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